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Tourist Information

Note: All are suggested itinerary indicative of what could be possible. We tailor holidays for your specific needs. Contact us if you want modifications so that we could tailor a holiday to suit your need for an unforgettable India tour.


Valid passport (valid for a minimum of 6 months from the start date of the trip).

Entry visa to India, for which 1 photo and 1 completed online application form are required.

To visit some areas, such as Sikkim, some states of the East, the Andaman and Laquedivas Islands, special permits are required, which are obtained from the Regional Offices of the Registry of Foreigners.

Currency and currency exchange

The local currency is the Indian Rupee (INR), divided into 100 countries, and its equivalence with the Euro is approximately € 1 = 78 INR.
The most common credit cards are accepted at the main hotels, restaurants and shopping centers, and We can also use them to get cash at ATMs. 
We recommend carrying Euros / USD.


The tip, although not mandatory, is always expected and welcome. In these countries, for most service providers, the tip is an important part of their income.


There is no mandatory vaccine to enter India. We recommend consulting at the International Vaccination Centers to inform us of possible recommended vaccines according to the areas we want to visit.

As a precautionary measure, you have to be careful with water; It is preferable to always drink mineral water or bottled drinks, very easy to find anywhere. Tea consumption also presents no problem. It is also advisable, mainly in hot seasons, to avoid raw foods and carefully remove the skin from the fruit …

In case of an incident, both doctors and pharmacies in the country have a more than acceptable level. If you take any specific medication, it is advisable to take it from the country of origin. We recommend carrying a small basic personal medicine kit .

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